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Sanat Baskey from Kandapara village of Purulia district in West Bengal learned about MITRA through community meetings and was impressed with the idea of becoming a volunteer to learn and adopt new practices in farming and also to help the fellow farmers to adopt them. His interest in trying new methods and helping the fellow farmers helped him to become a lead farmer of his village.

As a lead farmer, Sanat started attending the training sessions along with other lead farmers. He attended three capsule based training organized by the Zonal drought resistance paddy research center, Hathwara, Purulia. Sharing his experiences about the training periods, he mentioned how he could gain complete knowledge about improved practices of paddy crop in a step by step process. He was also trained to use less fertilizers and pesticides which could help him in reducing the expenses on decease and pest management.

Sanat adopted SRI paddy cultivation with Swarna seed variety and was happy with the results he obtained through seed treatment, seed sorting, land preparation, line transplantation and weeder application by Cono weeder. He has also participated in Yield Assessment (Square Meter Method), as recommended by the scientist.

 Parameters  Demo Plot (0.5acre)  Normal plot (0.5 acre)
 Expenses  1250  1450
 Tiller  25 grains  10 grains
 Production   9 Quintals  5.5 Quintals
Net income for 0.5 acre Rs 7500 Rs 4500



Extending his help to the fellow farmers, he organized live demo sessions on crucial steps on seed treatment and transplantation which was attended by 6 farmers. The field day meeting was attended by 15 farmers. He conducted regular Informal Learning Meetings (ILMs) to provide technical knowledge.

Sanat is now convinced with the results he obtained and claims to implement the better practices for his vegetable crops too. Along with crop related training, he was also introduced to the services of Kisan call center which helped him to seek timely advice on crop-related information. He also helped his fellow farmers to get registered with Kisan call center so that they can also get the similar kind of agri-related information services through SMS or call.

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Sanat’s interest to embrace new agricultural methods made him a leader among his peers