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Bhanudas Dhondiba Thange of Tikhol Village, Parner, Ahmednagar has a total of 1-acre land with him, where he has been cultivating cereals, pulses, vegetables like onions and green pea. He does the vegetable cultivation and sell the produce in the nearby market to make the living. Thange has been facing major issues in higher input costs and lack of proper irrigation facilities during summer. It was this time that he came to know about Mitra initiative of Dr.Reddy’s Foundation. He attended the community meeting organized by MITRA in his village.

After going through the selection process, Bhanudas was selected as the lead farmer and showed interest in learning water management and organic farming related practices. Bhanudas was introduced to Tank Based Drip Irrigation (TBDI), after which, he implemented the same in 0.3 acre plot by facilitating a 500 ltr tank (with a 1” main pipe) for watering 12 vegetables. Soon after the implementation, Mitra’s team arranged for organic farming training, where Bhanudas learnt the various techniques organic mulching, composting, dashparni, et al.

With the right training, Bhanudas successfully implemented best cultivating practices and found jeevamrut and dasharpani as best alternatives for chemical fertilizers. Besides, he started using yellow traps for pest control in his organic plot. Through the right training and implementation, Bhanudas was able to reduce input costs by optimising water resource and implementing organic ways of pest control and composting.

Income generated in 5 months: Rs.65,000/-

Net profit: Rs.45,000/-

Bhanudas says that customers in the market are valuing his crops more because of the superior quality and organically grown. Also, curious fellow farmers are in constant touch with Bhanudas to learn and replicate best practices in their farms and achieve better yields.

Bhanudas has organised field day for 19 fellow farmers, where he disseminated his knowledge on organic farming and irrigation management. Six fellow farmers have already started implementing activities like yellow traps, drip irrigation and jeevamrut on their farms. Bhanudas is very happy with the results is translating his knowledge to fellow farmers.

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