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Mitra is proof that sustainable farming, surplus yield and happy farmers are not a Utopian dream! When a community buys into an idea, the idea translates into a vision and soon fuels a mission.

Model. Mentor. Measure.

Mitra’s success is anchored by mission-driven Lead Farmers, helping their fellow farmers. The secret of mission-driven Lead Farmers is handpicking the right person from the farming community. Once identified, the Lead Farmer is trained through meticulous mentoring, enabling them to become change agents for fellow farmers and help farming community leverage the ecosystem.

You have an important role

Mitra invites you to be the friend who helps transform communities that depend on farming. Your support will enable us transfer knowledge, provide new technology and make sustainable farming a practical thing.

What goes around comes around

When farmers realize their dreams of a bountiful harvest, there is plenty to go around. The buffer stock opens new possibilities and encourages them to plough their profits back into their farms. It all translates to better quality crops and surplus yields for us all. We don’t think there could be a better outcome than this!

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