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Rahul Padmakar Khangar is a farmer from Warora village, Chandrapur district, Maharashtra. He holds a 35-acre land and cultivates crops like cotton, soybean, gram and tur. His major agricultural issue includes Fertilisers, Pest and Disease Management.

Rahul attended capsule-based training provided by Anand Niketan Krushi Mahavidyalay, Warora, Chandrapur. These trainings were organised by MITRA, Warora team. Through these trainings, Rahul learned about detail cultivation practices of cotton, integrated pest and disease management in cotton crops besides gaining knowledge on financial literacy and crop water budgeting.

As a lead farmer, Sanat started attending the training sessions along with other lead farmers. He attended three capsule based training organized by the Zonal drought resistance paddy research center, Hathwara, Purulia. Sharing his experiences about the training periods, he mentioned how he could gain complete knowledge about improved practices of paddy crop in a step by step process. He was also trained to use less fertilizers and pesticides which could help him in reducing the expenses on decease and pest management.

The key takeaways from this training were –

  • Application of organic manure
  • Refuge Cultivation
  • Soil-testing based chemical fertilizers
  • Spacing
  • Intercropping
  • Biological pest control

While sharing his experience about the training sessions, Rahul found the whole process of cultivating cotton crop educative and enlightening. The new-found ways brought a change in his cotton cultivation practices. Rahul and his fellow farmers implemented the spacing system in cotton crops which has helped decrease weeding. The soil testing helped analyse and reduce fertiliser costs. Thus, saving money and keeping the fertility of land optimal.

Lead farmer Rahul also learned a new method for pest control – Yellow Trap, along with the right techniques to use pesticides. “If our cotton crop did not get attacked by Pink Bollworm in the past, we would have received increased yields,” lamented Rahul about his previous experience of lacking
the right knowledge. Brimming with new knowledge, very soon Lead Farmer Rahul arranged three Informal Learning
Meetings (ILM) with fellow farmers in the village and demonstrated his skills in the field. In addition to this, he also shares the information from time to time with his peers on WhatsApp groups. “MITRA project taught us new and latest techniques of farming and provided much-needed guidance for better yields through lower input costs. We thank MITRA for support and encouragement, shares Rahul.

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