The Problem

It needs our immediate attention!

  • Avg yield of major crops is less than world’s average (Paddy – 25%,  Maize – 66%; cotton – 37%; oilseeds – 55%).

  • Indian farmers use 2-4 times more water for major crops as compared to other countries such as  China, US & Brazil.

  • 40% of produce is wasted due to poor packaging and  storage facilities.

MITRA is helping farmers through

Technology dissemination – on farm and off farm

  • Support farmers to identify scalable technologies, package of practices (PoP) of crops and small ruminants (off farm) based on the agro climatic conditions of the location.
  • Help assess the net benefit per season in case of crop and overall benefit per year in off-farm.
  • Jointly finalise the list of technologies/ PoPs of crops and small ruminants which can give substantial income for farmer in a particular season or year.
  • Leverage public extension system for training the Lead Farmers on the technology/ PoP.
  • Help the Lead Farmer in demonstrating the new technology in the farm and disseminate the learnings to fellow farmers.

Irrigation and Water Management

  • MITRA helps farmers to identify and update new technologies for rain-fed agriculture, shared water resources and groundwater irrigation facilities.
  • Train Lead Farmers to support fellow farmers on water resource based crop planning (crop water budgeting techniques), water conservation and management practices farmers.
  • To improve efficiency of water utilisation to achieve more crop per drop.
  • Facilitate Lead Farmers to work at the Mentor level group planning of crops and utilization of common water resources with help of VO, SHGs/Gram Panchayat and farmers.
  • Guide and create awareness on different govt. schemes.

Input Services and Supplies

  • Fill the existing gap between input supplies/ services in the current ecosystem through entrepreneurship approach like NPM products, farm tools, etc.
  • Incubate local youth as Agripreneurs to serve the input needs of small and marginal farmers.
  • Enable farmers to access the required inputs to implement new technologies and PoPs.

Financial and Digital Literacy

  • Train Lead Farmers on key financial literacy messages and network link them with local financial institutions of the location.
  • Make Lead Farmers digitally literate.
  • Orient Lead Farmers on different digital solutions available for accessing new technologies and agronomy practices.
  • Enable Lead Farmers to use the digital platforms for knowledge dissemination among the fellow farmers.

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