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Over 50% of India’s population is engaged in agriculture and allied activities, and yet the income contribution from the sector is recording all time lows with each passing season. The small and marginal farmers of India are facing multitude of issues and it is not just the unpredicted monsoon behaviour. Even at times when the season is good, farmers fail to generate enough profits because of the unregulated market conditions.

What is happening?

Unable to generate quality yields and fetch enough profits to reinvest in farms, majority of farmers are succumbing to agriculture and do not want their succeeding generations to get into farming.

  • Average yield of major crops is less than world’s average (Paddy – 25%,  Maize – 66%; cotton – 37%; oil seeds – 55%)
  • We use 2-4 times more water for major crops as compared to major countries like China, US & Brazil etc
  • 40%  of produce is wasted due to poor packaging and  storage facilities
  • 45% of productivity can be improved if the farmers are able to access quality inputs
  • The average income of farmer household is less than Rs.20000 per year with half of the population and 52% of the farmers are in average debt of Rs.47000
  • Farmers gets only 25 to 30% of the price paid by the consumers.


The root of this sad reality is the lack of access to improved agricultural practices. We can make a difference by helping farmers access and adopt improved practices which can help them reduce the cost of cultivation and improve the productivity. This help can best be delivered by someone within the farmers’ peer group who understands the challenges first hand.

MITRA is trying to do just that by identifying and training lead farmers on best agricultural practices and allowing them to disseminate the same to fellow farmers. So far, 1000+ Skilled Farmers are helping 25,000+ Fellow Farmers in 14 remote dist. across 7 States to achieve better yields and economic returns.

We seek to multiply this effect with your will and support.

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